About Alcalá Simulación

Alcalá Simulación is my own and personal project, originally intended to development of freeware addons (sceneries and aircrafts) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In 2008, I bought an X-Plane V9, and, from this year, all developments are oriented to X-Plane world, maintaining the same principles: The aircraft must be freeware, but with the same quality that a payware products.

Is important, for me, you know the following: I'm only a flight simulator enthusiast. I haven't contact with real flight word, and I never see or flight this aircrafts in real life. Although I tried to make its as real as possible based on photographs, technical data and information founded in the web. Unfortunately, I can't ensure or guarantee the exact similitude between this simulated models and the real aircrafts. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Have good flights.


Adrián Fernández Gómez (awall86)

Madrid. Spain

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